How long do you reckon before the makers of them adverts get sued or something. They are funny as hell though.

Whats your favorites?

Mines the one where they are all on mouse traps. Hehe
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someone please explain!!

edit: nvm
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They aren't really advertised here in America. That's why I never had one till last year. Now I'm addicted.
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They're suicidal? I just thought they accidently 'died'
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I dont know whats worse, you going out with a peadophile, or the fact you went to see Dragonforce
Err... DragonForce?

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Quote by Nizzi
They're suicidal? I just thought they accidently 'died'

No, they all kill themselves some how. Gives you a warm feeling inside when you watch them get squished. Does me at least.
The newton's cradle one is hillarious
Rag Mop Do Do Duh DoDo Dedo Do!!!!!


They were extremly satisfying to watch. Especiall the one with the mousetraps.
TS, not everyone on UG gets those ads. I saw a link in a comment, and they aren't funny.
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TS, not everyone on UG gets those ads.

Hmm... Two possible answers to that.
1. Whoa, you're deductive skills are ****ing incredible! I've never seen so much relevance in my life!!!

2. UG is on the internet. Youtube is also on the internet. The ads are also on Youtube. Therefore, everybody on UG can watch them.
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