All we care about is money. Our super fast cars. And if the weather is sunny. We're getting drunk at our bars. And they're dying. And we're putting it off. We're lying. Playing with our money and playing golf. Every second. Another one gone. And the help we sent NONE! All we care about is our war and our guns. We'll pass on our hate to our sons. Not helping the weak. It's the American Dream. Helping everyone pick on the geek. It's the American Dream. Making our money no matter how much money we've could've saved. It's the American Dream. God knows how many are enslaved. It's the American Dream. Not giving a crap about others. It's the American Dream. They're dying our fathers, our mothers, our sisters, our brothers.
That was very forced, and you can tell. Write what comes to you man.
There's something living in these lines.