I was just remebering some stories a coworker told me over the summer, and I thought they would be a perfect fit for the pit, so ill share them with you.

However before i tell them i want to say these might not be true, they were just stories my coworker said he read on the internet, so the person who posted them when he read them could have just been lying but they are still very funny

The first story was about a guy and his girlfriend, they were really starting to get more into the sexual experiences when they decided to do anal for the first time. They planned the night and everything. so the guy told his friend he was going to do anal for the first time when his friend lit up with the hugest grin and said i will pay you if i am allowed to film it. after much convincing he settled for 100$ a allowed his friend to film it if he hid in the closet and stayed quiet. Anyway later on him and his girlfriend start having sex and then eventually switch to anal, after a few minutes the quy pulls his dick really fast out of her ass, followed only seconds after by a pile of ****. it took a couple seconds for him to realzie what had happeed and when he did he threw up all over his girlfriend. His other friend catching all this on video tape bursts out laughing in the closet. anyway the girl dumped him for letting his friend videotape it.

Now for the second story

Once again a guy and his girlfriend want to try anal, however they are younger about 16. They are at the guys cabin at some lake with his parents, so they realized it would be stupid to try anything because of fear of getting caught. one morning however the parents go out for some groceries and say theyll be back in an hour or so, the guy and his girlfriend thought it would be a perfect time. anyway the same thing that happened with the **** in the last story happens again minus the throwing up part, so they both get all frantic and try to clean up. they both quickly shower and get dressed when the parents walk in early and find a pile of **** on the bed. Quickly the guy says the dog did it and that pissed off the parents a huge amount because the dog had been causing nothing but trouble lately, and not just little problems either. anyway the guy and girl still shaken up a bit decide to go out for a walk to clear their heads and after a while the return to the cabin to find the parents had left. minutes later they open the door and the guy asks where they were there response

"we went to put the dog down, he was old and was causing to much trouble"

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