This is the song I just wrote today because I had nothing else to do and was in a creative mood. The lyrics are on the vocal track and ive tryed to get the right rythems for the vocals but they aint perfect, but the instruments are the main thing im bothered about. Any comments/advice would be great
Very good song. I enjoyed listening to it. Even though the solo was a bit short.
lol cheers. You see the thing with the lyrics is that my friend has seriously thin legs and arms so i thought id write a song about it
I liked the song overall. The only bad thing I though of, was that the lyrics were kind of cheesy at some parts. I liked the chorus though, and the vocal track overall was pretty good. Guitar parts were sweet as well, and way to stray away from typical basslines! The synth bass sounded really cool. Good job overall 8/10. Keep it up.