ive learned a lot of basics of many areas in music thoery and i think ive screwed myself.im confused.

whats a good place to start at and move onto from there and then after that and so forth.....
I would learn Barre Chords, and the Pentatonic boxes, then learn the caged system. That will advance you pretty far.
Hey Bodies. No worries, you haven't screwed yourself! You just need to organize it like you said in the title and put it all together... then maybe start a new approach if that is what is necessary.

I personally started learning intervals and the building of major scales. The circle of 5th's is also something good to look up, study, and understand well early on. It will make a ton of other things in theory way easier to relate to.

You may want to consider class or taking lesson formally with a teacher too. Good teachers work wonders. You will get it figured out, be patient!