So im planning to buy an old kramer striker of ebay, then bring it up to date (eg. O.F.R, sey dunc invader humb and a dimarzio air norton sing and screw the middle pickup coz i want mine like eddies ) so anything i should know about building frankensteins? or stuff?
Idk where the thread is now, but this guy on here pretty much built an authentic replica Frankenstein. Search for it, that thread should give you plenty of ideas on stuff to do.
so i wanna build my own frankenstein.

OK, go ahead.

For it to be really meaningful you just need to get the parts you want and put them together any way you know how. Just don't go mixing different scale length bodies and necks or something like that...
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go to musiciansfriend.com they have exact replicas of the frankenstein and it shows how they make them i think...
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