Hey guys, recently downloaded the program Audacity and looking for help from anyone who has experience with it.....
as of right now i cant figure out how to record to mp3...figure i might need a plug in.... also, is there a way to record directly what is streaming off my computer because recording through the microphone is kind of a weak recording...
anyone think putting a two way headphone jack from the headphone port to the line in port will work? sneaky i know...
For MP3s you need to download 'lame_enc.dll' (from download.com). And select 'Stereo mix' for recording from computer I think.
thanks alot just got the lame thing.... so with stereo mix there will be no feedback it will just record the audio playing on my computer? nice
You need to go to the file menu and it should say "export as mp3" or somthing like that. You then have to find the 'lame_enc.dll' file and click it.
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so for anyone who decides to read this thread in the future, what i did finally was got a two way headphone jack and went from my headphone port to my line in port, it delivered the cleanest sound. when i started recording though i found the microphone gain to be turned down and although its not the best quality recording it will do.
thanks for showing up and embarrassing my pathetic attempt at aiding the masses....no big deal
You just need to have the lame file in your audacity folder, and then after you record something go to File->Export as MP3
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