Well, I just got my first multi-effects pedal 2 days ago (the Boss ME-50B) and after getting to grips with the different tone I started improvising with the tones. However, when I tried adding in the expression pedal, for wah/resonance mostly, I found my timing was off and I couldn't find a good way to actually implement it. Does anyone know any songs/solos that use wah pedals on bass? The problem is mostly my timing, lack of limb independence I guess.
For bass, NIB by Black Sabbath, Anesthesia (Pulling Teeth) by Metallica, Snow (Hey Oh) by RHCP, Overburdened by Disturbed just to name a few...I'm not a bass player but one of my old roommates in college was & Black Sabbath & old Metallica from the Cliff Burton era is the best to go with.