I know master of puppets is virtually all downpicked, but my brother told me the part right after the intro isn't quite all downstrokes. I was looking at this video of Kirk Hammett playing it, http://youtube.com/watch?v=btsiKQN00TI&feature=related

And from 1:13-1:25 (or 1:25-37 for slower) it looks like everything is downpicked, right? Because I've been playing every note played on the 5th string as an upstroke, and I think that's wrong.

Which is the CORRECT way to play that lick?
i know which lick you're referring to, its RIGHT after the intro (its the open E -> F with the chromatic bit on the A string going from B to C# right?) hetfield downpicks it while hammet does the economy pick thing.
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I can do either..and I'd rather not spend hours practicing getting one up to speed and it being played incorrectly, I'm a perfectionist, lol.
The lick you're talking about is called the spider web lick(?) and it's all downpicked. Hetfield is like the downpicking god, so playing some Metallica riffs 'correct' is sometimes quite difficult.