Right so I live in a town which has a massive amount of guitarists but like 3 bassists and my friend had the idea of starting a three piece band so I said I would play bass as I was already interested in starting after messing around in the shop i work in playing some fender p and j bass guitars

i need a cheap but decent bass and amp, would like something like a jazz but i'm not tied to that, id be playing alot of muse sounding stuff but I also like to play classic rock so something versatile maybe have around €500 to spend.

Thanks in Advance

fender p bass and like a crate combo would be sufficient. i don't know euros though.
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fender p bass and like a crate combo would be sufficient. i don't know euros though.

Not exactly cheap!

Look into Ibanez starter packs, they're good value and sound pretty good too!

Or this

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Personally, I'd get a ibanez sr or gsr series bass and a cheap starter crate amp.

Or go to ebay and look up bass w/ amps or something. This is if you are willing to wait, but, from personal experience, people on ebay seem to be willing to give awesome deals on instruments/amps....but you'll have to wait and get be trusting of the provider.Even better, go to craigslist(they have that in Europe right?) and look up 'bass practice amps' and get a cheap 15-30 watt one.It'd save you some euros and you'd be getting basically the same thing.

If all else fails, get the jump start kit from any of the major competitors(fender, ibanez,gibson). At your local music store.
just make sure you spend more onthe amp. maybe get a squier vintage modified jazz. they are the best thing squier ever did....i promise. i hate fenders and the vmj is ok by me. then spend the rest on an amp.
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Buy the cheapest decent bass you can find. Maybe a Squier or an Ibanez GSR or something along those lines. Then spend the rest on an amp. I'm not familiar with Euros (yeah, I can look up conversion rates too, but that means nothing for how much individual pieces of gear are going to cost in a given country) so that's about as much as I can tell you. Someone closer to your end of the world will have to give you a recommendation for amps in your range.
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the ibanez bass starters are good for pretty much anything if you are just starting out. and they are cheap.

Well I will probably get slammed but I would recommend an epiphone thunderbird, I love mine. It has great sound and it is really versatile. Everyone complains about the neck dive but in all reality it isnt bad at all. I actually prefer it to a lot of other basses. I spent $265 at guitar center, as for an amp I am also looking for a new one, but I have heard that marshalls are good.
Epi Thunderbird choice, aside, I wouldn't recommend Marshall for bass amps. Yes, they reign supreme in the land of guitars, but I've never been terribly jazzed about them as a bass amp alternative. Yes, I know all about how Lemmy from Motorhead plays through Marshall stacks. Feh, I say to that.