I started writing this song a number of years ago and have been adding to it ever since and finally recorded it over spring break.


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Here are the lyrics:

I was driving through the scene
On March the seventeenth
Admiring all these pretty kids
In pretty shades of green
It’s cute the way they cuddle close, but Valentine’s won’t coincide for me
My birthday’s not too far away; I still prefer to sit and hug my knees

There were reasons I couldn’t love you
I thought you knew them all along
There were reasons I couldn’t love you
But I guess I had them wrong
Your pretty face keeps haunting me; your pretty name keeps rolling off my tongue
Some words sound more eloquent than others said, and some more lovely sung

There were reasons I couldn’t love you
I should have writ them down
There were reasons I couldn’t love you
And they had such an honest sound
But I misplaced them inside a box I keep behind a locked door in my mind
I picked that rusty lock and swept that dusty lid and was surprised to find

Underneath the letters that said so many things
And underneath the feathers I’ve been stapling to wings
To teach myself to fly; I guess I get ideas from the books I read
And underneath the little hearts I’d drawn I saw my heart look up at me

And it said
You, you look a bit alone
And you have a house inside your chest I used to call my home
And you would do well to learn to love
And I have been forced to feed on feather-freckled reasoning for why you cannot love

I said, Daddy, are you preaching this coming Sunday morn?
I’m grateful for the work you do; I’m sorry that you’re torn
Between your flock and family; in winter we’ll need food and wool to wear
Let fall my axe and irony, I can learn both how to fly and how to care
The lyrics have incredible flow. Very nicely written. Good quality recording. The melody is a little repetitive, but that's not always a bad thing! It's not thin sounding at all, perfect balance of bass mids and highs. I like the guitar work in it, and the backup vocals are amazing. You make very good music.

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I like your voice a lot. The lyrics are pretty good too, some sections are really good and some are just ok but none of it is really bad at all which is good. I like the guitar I don't think it sounds repetitive. And the recording quality is great too. Its very polished. maybe check mine

you sound like david dondero

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