ok so i been playing piano lately and i wrote a little cool piano part and i would like to know this.

how would i switch from Piano to guitar in a song?

like i play piano than i play guitar for the chorse.

i can not figure out what to do.

any ideas?
Wear your guitar while playing piano. Sling it on your back and pull it to the front when you need to play guitar.
Wear you guitar (with the strap) and stand up while you play piano, then just switch to guitar.

Oh, and if your talkin' about play both at the same time good luck.

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Quote by C_Miller
Wear your guitar while playing piano. Sling it on your back and pull it to the front when you need to play guitar.


thats a good idea.

when i switch should there be a drum fill so i can be able to switch?

well its like i got this piano riff i like and a lot of people like but i been thinking well do i put guitar iwht it or not

and its hard to figure what to do.
what u could do is transpose it to guitar and se how it sounds.. like when i try playing the fur elise they sound better on guitar in my opinion but thats just me, i would transpose it just to see what it sounded like
Or you could get a piano player. That would probably make it easiest.

Maybe you could put the guitar in drop D and play a D power chord while it's behind your back. While playing Piano if you don't need both hands.
set up several mics around the piano and one anchored in front of you for singing and one by the piano keys. leave your guitar in your lap and leave some room between you and the piano so your guitar isn't crowded. i wouldn't think it would be too hard.
Watch New Born by Muse, it's a bit longer than a drum fill but you could possibly employ something similar.
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Have a short section with only drums and bass (and one guitar if there's another guitarist in the band). Just enough time to allow you to switch instruments.
Ah, the fun of playing keyboard and guitar at the same time. Some thing I like to do when switching instruments is to play a heavy chord and sustain it while moving your hands/hand to the other instrument. For example, play something on the piano and sustain it with the pedal while you move your hands to the guitar and play over the chord, or the reverse would be to keep your left hand on the guitar holding a note or chord while your right hand moves to play something on the piano. It help if your standing up and your key board is at the right height, so nuts if your playing an actual piano, lol.

Drum fills, bass fills, other guitarist's fills can all help bridge the gap depending on the situation and how fast you can move your hands. Sometimes a dramatic grand pause can even work.