i got some dean markley evil twins about 3 weeks ago...and honestly i dont like the way they sound. whenever i play chords they sound like crap (and yes my guitars tuned) which brings me to my string question...i play in drop c and im looking for something that sounds good clean and distorted. nothing over 20$
DR Tite Fits
Now it's 1984
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i play 9-42 though, not so great drop C...
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I honestly do not like DR Tite Fits. I find them not "tite" at all and actually find them quite spaghetti like imo.
I like GHS .11. Pretty much perfect string especially for C
Maybe youll even want to go thicker too but that's your choice.
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i play 9-42 though, not so great drop C...

+1 Ill stand by these til my dying day
i think earie ball has a hybrid version...thicker on top but the same high 3 strings as in 9-42
^^^i think she mean "earnie"^^^

anyways, i use, and always have used, EARNIE BALL EXTRA SLINKY, just as a suggestion.
i suggest you try them out, they're only about $9.00, well, where i get them.

Any earnie ball seems to be a good choice.

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try Ernie Ball Beefy Slinky, they even say on the package 'good for detunning'

Listen to this guy. I have beefy slinky on my guitar and its perfect for drop C, even does drop B quite well