If anyone would like to take the time to recommend some good songs in standard D (DGCFAD) it would be greatly appreciated. I play metal and pretty much any metal sub-genres. Give me suggestions OTHER THAN: All That Remains and The Human Abstract.
Please and thank you
im broken by pantera, or anything by pantera, just write something, i dont know many bands who play in drop d alot, maybe atreyu or trivium, im not sure if they do drop d but the dillenger escape plan is a band i just heard of and they r amazing and im not sure of these guys either but maybe Horse the band
dammit... i made a mistake... it's dropped d...

okay, for standard D is suggest: bullet for my valentine - scream aim fire and sunny day real estate - in circles
Children of Bodom's first 4 albums are in Standard D, I think. Maybe not Something Wild, and not two songs from Hate Crew Deathroll. But otherwise, yeah, Standard D.
i would say just do some slayer songs in D because the heavier u play it the better it gets, i would also (no joke) say play some dethklok songs even though his is C F Bb Eb G c so u would actually be lighter than theirs (suprise) but it would still sound ok i think lol
Kalmah, some Nirvana, COB.

A lot of metal bands are in Standard D.
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Children of Bodom
Wintersun (they're mostly in D Standard)

All are good bands to look into.
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