so most people by now know that there is some bug that will randomly redirect you ebay when you click on threads. personally i have gotten this three-four times just today.

so in this thread post a picture of the product you were redirected to and the price.

remember, no direct links to ebay tho.

this book was going for $9.00 with $6.99 shipping.
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Remember through smells
Remember through colors
Remember through towns
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I'm pretty sure selling that book is how you make money
Nude Male Artwork.

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I want to eat your children.

-Mike Tyson
man i think youd **** bricks if it redirected you to a guitar bargain

which would no doubt later turn out to be an IBONOZ GEM
ctually last night i got redirected somewhere by changeing the page on the thread i got sent somewhere else so i guess thats got to be accounted for it
I can't remember exactly what it was, but it's happened 3 times since yesterday. It gets annoying, but when it happens again, I'll for sure post a pic.
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