Hey everyone, I've been playing guitar for about two years now, and I just got my first un-Walmart amp. The Fender G-Dec 30, I've saved up forever for it. But the problem is most of the preset sounds on here are not what I was looking for. I listen to metal/hardcore (lamb of god, BTBAM, Black Dahlia Murder) **instert this is not metal rant here**, and I am looking for more heavier tone from my amp. And I was wondering if anyone else has this amp and could help me out with some of the settings on the factory preset sounds to get them.

Yeah, I knew that before hand. But I thought all the sounds that came with the amp could help me save on spending all my money on pedals all the time. Turns out like 25 out of the 50 settings are ither blues, or **** you would never touch
If you go to any of the settings and hit the amp button you can screw around with everything from gain, distortion, etc. You can get metal sounds. Read your users manual. That helped me a bunch.