I have been playing bass off an on for a few years, and am pretty much self taught. (forums, youtube).

Anyway, I have always had a problem playing with my fingers on th elow E string. I have 2 basses, one where the action is really low, and seem to always get that chugin sound from the string hitting the fretboard. Not a good sound, and makes you sound like crap. Now, I can eliminate it if I play it only with my thumb, or play lightly with my index and middle fingers........but how can I really attack the string without making this noobish noise. It happens if I play with a pick too.
Now, recently I bought a new Fender bass, and the action is much higher than my other bass. The noise is considerably less.
Does it mainly have to do with the action?

Is my technique just that bad? I want to be able to pay 8th - 16th notes on the E string with a heavy attack. I see guys play live all the time, plucking the crap out of the string and their sound is great. Why do I suck?

No one has ever showed me the "right" way to play, and frankly I think I am beyond changin my ways. I have tried to focus and just pull the string straight "up", hoping that the vibrations would not hit he neck.....not helping.

Does it have anythin gto do with string gauge? Maybe get fatter strings, the increaseed tension may not vibrate so much? I dont know, Im just guessing.

any suggestions?
my suggestion raise your action, duh. but if you play metal than a bit of slapping on the frets is a good thing, as long as you get rid of as much of the buzz you can.
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