Rite this is my sit. I play in BF*BEG*C* and im looking into a new guitar but before this can people suggest any way of making this particular tunning sound good, i use a peavey 6505 and a ibanez vbt 700, this set up is sounding good atm but i feel it could be better. as i said in a previous thread im think bout a jackson RR24 can people help me get the best out of my rig
Well I don't personally have a 6505 but I know there very good, so any sound you try and reach will sound nice, but what kind of sound are you looking for, specifically?

I would suggest though, with that low tuning, try and find a real gritty sound with not too much gain. Too much distortion will make it sound too familiar. Role up the mids, the treble and the bass, go for a real over the top, driven sound. I find it really accentuates the low tuning.
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a sound ala machine head big heavy sound

Right, well I love the sound from Machine Head's new album so I'd suggest Gain - 8, Bass - 5, Mid - 5, Treble - 7 or 8. Of course this is appropriate for my amp alone, it could be different to yours. Amp settings are not always relevant to what someone else uses.