I'm planning on getting a footpedal or two, but i have a question.

Is it better to get a number of footpedals, like 2 or 3, or one footpedal with(well the one i'm looking at has)16 effects(The Line 6: DM4)?

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Single effects are generally better than multi-effects.

Exactly. It's way harder to try and dial in the specific things you want a certain effect to do in a big processor than it is to just get one pedal for one effect with knobs only for that effect. Go with multiple pedals, but make sure (obviously) you've got a power source/those little 6" connector cables to link the various effects.
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its all what you need, singles are better quality almost all the time, but if you want a ton of fx and dont have a ton for quality single pedals a nice mfx pedal might be better. If you want only a few effects, shoot for high quality single effects pedals.
I would get one. Analog effects, from my experiance, sound much better, and can be dialed in better than digital ones. As long as you have an idea of the sound u want, definately go analog.
Well in the example you picked, the DL-4 would be pointless to buy in subsitute for different pedals considering it only does delay. It does, however, do delay quite well from what I've heard, so if you're considering that, Id say check it out. It seems tho that you're looking at multifx, such as the vox tonelab, vs single effects. If thats the case, I'd go with single effects, especially if youre only looking for 2-3 as itll do those effects very well instead of doing many effects, many of which you wont use, poorly.
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the Line 6 pedals are decent (their delay/reverb ones like the DL-4, echo park, and verbzilla are really great) but there are tons of other options. I don't think you'd need a DL-4 for your first pedal, try a distortion, mod, and wah first maybe.
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Thanks to all of you, every single comment helped.

I was actually gonna buy a Multi-FX pedal, but not now, definately not.

P.S. isn't there a thing you can put the footpedals in, like a sort of box thingy, like to keep them in place???

It would be better to hold off on pedals and put the money towards a better amp. Pedals dont sound so good with spiders.
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You use a Line 6 Spider. Buy a new amp before you think about buying effects.
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