Less accurate maybe.

I suppose you'd have to be at the point of injecting burgers directly into your bloodstream before that would have an effect though.
My friend has fat fingers.

He plays the bass and drums.

But he can do barre chords like no other on guitar.
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Whatever but if I was to rate the austinaracadium he gets a 10.

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I have fat fingers and I suck at guitar.

Bass, not so much, but still some.

EDIT: i mean, it's not so much as being slower, it's just that with my fingers being so big I end up muting strings I need to play next and either end up with a harmonic or a clinky sound.
all depends, my friend has short fat fingers and he shreds like no other. So if you're dedicated, no.

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I have fat fingers, but I shred, and I am better with all types of chords than any of my friends.

I suppose others may be affected negatively.
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why don't you find someone with fat fingers and ask them?

I can't ask myself

Im not fat but my fingers are pudgy because they get swollen
Michael Romeo is Fat, or at least he used to be, I'm not too sure if he is anymore

since he is/was fat he probably has/had fat fingers and he still plays/played well

Edit: here is a video; http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=PG2804ggsI0
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look at yngwie malmsteen
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