ok ive been playing guitar for a little bit now and i have taught myself a lot of things i basically just play acoustic and chords and what not but i would like to step up to electric and play some cool riffs and solos but im not sure how to put them together like for solos and what not so if someone could help me out that would be great! i know the pen scale but dont know how to use it to make it effective...hope to hear thanks
learn through the fire and the flames by dragonforce
pretty easy solo

then learn how to smash your guitar and set your
house on fire

Man I've been playing for 2 years and just beginning to figure that out. It's frustrating. Just practice as much as you can and learn as much as you can. A little theory in there doesn't hurt
Music theory sticky is a great place to start when it comes to basic soloing and things of that nature.
well ive been playing for awhile but ive taught myself everything but im also a visual learner so it would be easier to see it done thats the thing...what would be some good songs to play