Acoustic song, a few cliche refereences, like the drowning and SOS parts, but I like how it fits. I like the organization but I think stuff just doesnt feel right, especially the chorus. Help or comment if you'd like. Thanks

For this to work, we're gonna need courage
For this to work, we're gonna need control
Adjust the facts, outline you plan of attack
Mark your words, proof is all objective

Open up your mind, to a new perspective
Let it assess your wounds and let it heal you
There's only one way of telling what your future may hold
Let your late night promise help reveal it
With some new found strength
Your truths can trump the length of your lies
To win or lose is a matter of faith and fate
Reservations on which your conscience relies

A perfect soul meets an imperfect vessel
Tell me you can't help but feel incomplete
The strongest rubber punctured
Will sink so fast

Consider this your SOS call
I know you wouldn't think I'd forget you
Better believe I'll be there with my radio in hand
I'm your first alert for rescue

Instrumental Break

I close my eyes and hear the ocean shifting
And if I'm drowning... will you save me?
It's pretty good man. I can't think of anything to fix except that the flow was a little off in spots. Othere than that 7/10. Could you crit mine "The Ballod of Repp"
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