Seeing as I love writing, I joined the school newspaper last year. And it's been a good run up to this point. The paper itself is a bit small and boring.. but I tried changing that and actually putting things people might be interested in, not our school chess team -_-

98% of the paper is school related stuff.. im really the only guy that does any article he pleases. So i've done things such as hd dvd vs blu ray (a while back), windows vista, getting into ebay for noobs, etc. I've done about 12 articles that are all pretty good.

But now im screwed. Im running out of ideas!

Any ideas that might make good article? It could be about almost anything. But I want it to be an idea a bunch of high school guys would take interest in (same sex school ftl )

I kinda wanted to do a music article of some sort, but wasnt sure what kind of topic to base it on.
Use the power of your newspaper to start a rebellion, effectively crushing the powers above you and reinstate yourself as the leader of the male school..
I dunno, something on emos maybe?
i write for my college's paper and its real easy, find any random thing, form an opinion on it, and rant
why goths should get jobs
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write about how the decrease in funding for school music programs is bad.

or write about the competition between Xbox 360, Wii, and PS3.
i find chess teams not only interesting but slightly attractive
Show me the fever into the the fire, taking it higher and higher.
sounds like ur doing a nice little tech section, keep with that, just report on the interesting updates on websites like gizmodo or engadget
I wish I could do video games. Easy ftw! Though my teacher wouldnt allow it.

I like my tech stuff, since that is something im always reading about and keeping informed on. I like to switch it up a bit (ive done a couple of serious articles as well) so this way I'll never have to hear my teacher/principle ever complain or anything.. just in case.