Ok so i just bought a brand new Dean V and now am looking to upgrade my amp. I have a Fender Frontman 15G which isn't cutting it and now i have $200 so is there any good amps in that price range?
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it depends on what you want.

if you want just another practice amp. yes $200 will get you a roland cube.

if you want a 2x12 tube combo (for practice with the band and gigs in bars and clubs) you're aiming somewhere from $500-$1500 pending on what you want you can get everything from the value peavy VK to some marshall 212 combo.

if you have a band and are more or less local celebrity then save up for a nice $1500-$3000 Orange or Mesa head.

and that's assuming you're like me and play alil bit of everything short of nu-metal. if you list your tastes and situation you'll get ALOT more efficient help with this here
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