For my strat, its a standard not HSS Its a mexican Standard . and im in to stuff like Blink 182, Green Day, Guns n Roses.

All i had played were les pauls, so i tried going for a strat, and i didn't want to spend the money for an american. It sounds good but im not getting the sound i want that i've heard some of my favorite musicians play.

I've heard the Hot Rail is a humbucker that fits into a single coil spot, but i haven't heard it.

And i don't want to cut a hole into my strat to put in a normal humbucker.
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Personally I like lace sensors, which are single coils. you can get different ones based on what kind of highend sound you want. like if you really want to just crank and make it fuzzy and muddy, or if you want it a little lighter and warmer.
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