Yea i have these two little problems. I can't find any information on these two things so im askin the pit for some answers! First off, I have to look out a window constantly, i have no idea why but il get this urge every 20 seconds to a few minutes. If i don't i get really uncomfortable and scared. And, I work at a nursing home, theres this sign in the hallway that goes like: The month is March. Today is Tuesday....and so on but it really creeps me out. Whenever i look at it i get panicy (sp?) and scared. If anyone know what these might be called i would like to know!
Obsessive Complusive Personality Disorder for the first one and quite possibly for the second. Unless they inhibit daily life and you can't function properly, it isn't a problem at all.
...shun the nonbeliever...
i never new how many fears there were.. that list is massive...

as for the window it might be a minute OCD
yea i read about OCD and the first one is most likely OCD. The second one i still cant find anything about.
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