Peavey XXL Combo Amp.

-alright well i want to know some peoples opinion on this amp.
-i might considering in buying one.
-so i"ve heard the tone of the amp and i love it
- i have a epi silver-burst Les Paul and I'm sure it will sound amazing through it.
-so help me out all that you can please, thanks

Unless you can find one cheap I would recommend looking at other amps. I personally dont like it, and its way overpriced new.
I actually think the XXL is a very nice amp for being SS. The cleans are dull, but the Lead and Ultra channel makes up for it. Both channels, especially the Ultra, has way more gain than you could possibly need. You shouldn't have to turn the gain past 11 o'clock on the Ultra channel, or else it's going to sound a bit fuzzy and undefined.

Very versatile amp. All three channels have their own EQ's, gain, and volume controls. Each channel has three different voicings. The Ultra channel has an active EQ that's very sensitive, so you'll have to spend time tweaking.
I've got the XXL combo. The stock speakers aren't that great, but put some nice speakers in it and tweak it a little bit and you'll have a pretty nice SS amp.
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