Yeah so I found one for only $200, but it's in a different state than me and he says the LED light doesn't turn on anymore.

I made an offer asking him to take it to a specialist and having the specialist fix everything up, then ship it to me, and I will give him $335, which is $135 above his asking price.

You think I should try to buy this amp, even though it's out of state and I won't be able to try it before I buy it? I tried the palominos in store already and loved them, but they were too expensive in stores for me. I'm a little skeptical that the one he sends me may not sound as good as the ones I've tried in stores.

So what do you guys think? Should I go for it?
Buy it. A v32 is about 500 bucks new. I think that you offered too high though, if he was asking for 200.
If they're too expensive in-stores, there's a pretty good chance you may end up paying more for this damaged one after its all said and done, and you have to factor in shipping as well.

I'd try to find it used, but in good condition.
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see if you can get him to do it via ebay.
that makes it a little easier to find him if the amp is crap
I bought my amp from pennsylvania off craigslist for about 300 less than what it's worth and it looks fine
but I made sure the guy was fairly legit before I bought it
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I'm asking him to pay with his own money to get it fixed up AND to ship it to me. Is adding $135 really adding too much to his offer?

EDIT: he put up the ad only a couple of hours ago and it's already sold. Goddamn these amps are hard to find!! (for under $335)
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okay so I found a new, $275 for a palomino v32. USA made, tubes have just been retubed. He lives in New York though, and I am in California. Anyone have an estimate on about how much this would cost for the shippinh? Maybe $50-60?

And I still live with my parents (I'm only 17), and they keep asking me how do I know that the amp will work and everything. Is there anyway that I can buy this amp but not be ripped off if the seller is lying about something? Maybe some kind of guarantee/insurance policy?

I'm buying off craigslist by the way, but I'm going to ask him if he can sell it through ebay.
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The reason I sell on Craigslist is specifically not to deal with the hassles of long distance. If someone wants what I have from out of town, it's USPS money order only. I just had a guy that wanted to buy my Vjr amps from out of town. It's not even worth packing and shipping. So no, you don't have any protection buying long distance, and I wouldn't recommend it. Be patient and keep looking on the local CL.