Alright so after i finsih refinishing my old cheapy im really wanting to make my own guitar. Id like to do a mahogany boody w/ bolt on maple/rosewood neck. Now the tricky thing is Im really wanting to do a seven string gutar. I just love that "B" string So im guessing a mahogany guitar body blank will be about 60-90 bucks. No the neck is the really hard part. I would like to buy the neck since im a little scared of making one. Does anyone know a place where you can but 7 string guitar neck other that warmoth and stewmac? Now its gonna be a HH config. and then a gotoh tune o matic brige with tone/volume/3way hopefully 25 fret hopefully 24 or even 22 ok. SO ther real question is where can i find 7 string guitar necks:P thanks comments opiniong greatly accepted:P
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guitar fetish? don't have a lot of experiance with the site but, hey...

i just looked, they don't have **** for necks. sorry bud.
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