My buddy of mine has an amp that we can't hear. Its a Marshall Valvestate 100w Head run through a matching cab. i really don't know much about what it is as i haven't taken a good look at it. We can't get any serious volume out of it, its not cutting through and we can't figure out what is wrong with it. I'm guessing the pre-amp tubes are bad in it, as the amp is really old. Anybody have any idea??
It's a Marshall Solidstate.
You do the math.
Call me Wes.
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they do... its probably broken though. take it in somewhere to see if they can repair it. it may be a bad tube, but it may be something else.
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I had the AVT150HX, and that thing was pretty loud for a semi-solid state. Somethings defintley wrong i'd take it to a shop.
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Valvestates are pretty decent, i had one and know a guy that gig's with them. Your Pre-amp tube could be out. Its an easy fix, 4-6 screws on top should take the amp out of the chasis. Find the tube and replace with fresh 12ax7. It that doesnt work take it to a tech and have him check it out.