I was wondering how to get metal distortion with a tube amp. I was thinking just get a distortion pedal but ive heard they dont sound very good with tube amps. Can you get that kind of distortion with an overdrive pedal? What pedal would get that?
Distortion pedals sound fine with tube amps. In fact they sound warmer than they would with a solid state amp.
Some people say you shouldent do it because an overdrive pedal will push a tube amp into a more natural distortion, taking greater advantage of the amps natural tone, where as a distortion pedal is going to provide a more 'artificial' distortion. While this is probably true, it dosent mean that the distortion pedal is going to sound bad.
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ummm, what kind of metal are we talking about

my JCM900 will pull off thrash metal.

and i tryed my Metalzone MT-2 infront of my amp and it gave it a dark death metal sound to it... but i`m not saying it sounded good LOL.

O/D pedals EQ`s and guitar tuning all play a role in getting whatever metal tone your looking for
i tried a metal muff with my randall and it just sounds ugly. too fizzy for my liking.