I'm looking for something I can add or change in my rig to brighten up my overall guitar tone. I'm playing an EVH Peavy guitar through a Marshall DSL 401 and I just can't seem to get that high crunch sound I'm looking for. The sound is real low and almost muddy on the distortion channels. I've tried switching the tubes out, adding a tube screamer, but it's still not there. I can kinda get closer to the tone I want when I put my Crybaby wah pedal all the way down, but any suggestions (switching amp parts, adding effects, etc.) would be appreciated.

Also when I have my amp turned up on the Distortion 2 channel, after a few seconds of play I get this high pitched squeal that won't go away unless I turn the amp off. Tube problem maybe?
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treble booster...or an eq pedal and set it to your liking
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