DOES ANYONE KNOW THEM..? i discovered em other day there ok but can someone give me more information on them?
Yea a few years ago I heard one of their songs on the game DRIV3R's soundtrack... I thought it was a good song - Bowels of the Beast
I haven't listened to any of their other songs yet
i saw em play live on MTV they did

Aly, Walk With ME

thats all i've heard

i think i liked it though cause that song sounds lke something Ladytron would make in my opinion.
therenew song sound like Ladytron though...i dont think there otehr stuff does
LUST LUST LUST is a great album
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Lust Lust Lust is a great album. I would buy it, because it's just good music. Thing is that the Raveonettes have helped keep good music alive by having unconventional sound and melodies. It's the essence of indie rock, just music that's not defined. The more defined genres are more popular, but true music is expression.
i don't have Lust Lust Lust. i'm interested in getting it though because Chain Gang of Love had some pretty good tunes on it.
you know, i've never bothered with them. maybe because they're too cute. what's a good song to check out?
"Attack Of The Ghost Riders." Or their cover of "My Boyfriend's Back."

I only have Whip It On and Pretty In Black, and they're pretty good. But what I've heard from Lust Lust Lust so far doesn't do much for me.
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