How do i improvise on an acoustic? I have alot of cool ideas but they only seem to spring up when i use my friends eletric. I'm getting one soon so yea. ANYWAY do the same scales on electric work on acoustic?
no... the acoustic guitar is a foreign beast with no relation to the electric guitar at all.

lol. im joking. yes, yes they do. they're tuned exactly the same. why wouldnt it work?
ANYWAY do the same scales on electric work on acoustic?

Yep. Unless the acoustic is out of tune or something...lol.
Why are you asking us? You're the "GuitarLegend300" after all.


All the scales work for all guitars and even basses. Mandolins too once you learn them. And violins, and cellos, and pianos, and flutes, and drums, and, and...get the point?
It's music, so learn the basics of music first. Once you do, you can apply those basics to any instrument you like. There's only 12 notes to learn after all, and they repeat in different octaves. A, A#, B, C, C#, D, D#, E, F, F#, G, G#. (no need for anyone to rip on me about flats, cuz I ain't going there now).

*kids nowadays...I tell ya*
Yeah, as said its all the same.
Obviously your probably going to want to do it in a different style though, I mean, your pretty unlikely to be shredding up on the high frets on an acoustic.
They are the same basic instrument after all, just each is better suited to certain things.
Check out the musicians talk part of this forum for good stuff on theory and improv.