We are Lethe out of Phoenix, Arizona. We've been playing together for about six months, and have recently recorded a couple of songs. At this time, we don't have a vocalist, so the recordings are only instrumentals.

Our drummer recently decided to quit, as he feels that the band won't go anywhere, even though we are in the midst of finding gigs and recording. He was/is an integral part of the band's sound, and we don't know of any other drummers who have either the skill or style that he had.

I would appreciate some critiques of our recordings, so we can get a sense of direction following his departure. If we get positive feedback, we may be able to persuade him into returning.

We are also curious as to which genre our music would fall under, and your opinions on its range of appeal would be.

Our tracks can be found in my profile or at

We appreciate any and all feedback, and thank you for your time.

P.S. We know the first harmonic in the Wake intro sounds horrible, no need to comment on it.
the keys are awesome....

the leads are too neo-classical, theres so many guitarists now a days just abusing yngwie licks... thats my opinion tho...

as for genre wise, I would say you fit somewhere around the doom category, but I would say theres great potential...

Crit this plz
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