I'm trying to improve my posture, I read some articles where it says that your thumb must be straight when you play but I noticed that mines is sideways, is this wrong? should I practice keeping it straight? I've been playing for like 4 years and straight just feels awkward


I uploaded this videos jsut to show how I use my thumb, I just played a chromatic excercise to show how my thumb moves from top to bottom string
I play just like that.
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depends what you're playing. If u start playing classical guitar, then learn to play with your thumb that way. otherwise, most other genres aren't as traditional and specific. i'd recommend simply trying to do it that way, it will probably help your posture more. than again, it probably doesn't make that big of a difference.

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Allright thanks, I think Im going to keep it this way, I just had to ask since most of the articles I read said to keep the thumb at a a 90 degree angle and mine was just like in that video, I just tought it could become a problem in the future.

Thanks for all the replies
for me it depends what im playing and where my hand is. i dont think its that important, but if you get used to it like in the video, playing for longer becomes more comfertable
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