Poll: What tremolo and tuner combo?
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Grover Tuners w/ Hipshot Tremolo
1 14%
Grover Tuners w/ Callaham Tremolo
1 14%
Fender/Schaller Tuners w/ Hipshot Tremolo
4 57%
Fender/Schaller Tuners w/ Callaham Tremolo
1 14%
0 0%
Voters: 7.
Hey people. I'm stuck between the choice of a Hipshot tremolo unit or the Callaham Vintage S Assembly for a custom strat. I've heard great things about the Callaham units and of the few things that I have heard about the Hipshot they were all good. I am also trying to decide between Grover Locking Tuners and Fender/Schaller Deluxe Locking Tuners. I'm not much of a trem man but when I do use it I just want a smooth tremolo and the guitar to stay in tune as best as possible. Price really doesn't matter between the differences so vote and leave comments on whatever one you guys picked please. Or if you have other suggestions please post them also. Thanks for any help.
PRS Singlecut Trem

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