im looking for a program that i can pick apart different parts of songs.

like i would want to take just the guitar part out of one or just the vocals or something like that.

im looking to break down songs so i can edit different songs together (to remix them i guess you can call it)

anybody know of such programs?
I think you would have to have the master tracks to do that
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If you want to take out the vocals from a stereo song I think you can just take out audio that is similar to both channels, but this kind of screws up the song sometimes.
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You can't really pull them apart like that. Since the mp3 file (Or any format) is the collective reproduction of what the computer reads as one track, there's no real way to do that.

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I think you would have to have the master tracks to do that


Unless the band is cool and gives you a mix of the tracks without the vox.
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i don't think that would be possible. Not with consumer electronics anyways, maybe with pro studio equipment.
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adobe audition, unless you're talking about mp3's or something.
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The only program that may be of some use would be Sony Sound Forge. You can cut and paste parts of songs with it. I guess if you had some straight guitar lines - with no drums, bass or vocals - you could add them to a drum beat of your own that was also by itself.

I use this program to cut and paste songs to make my own ringtones for my phone.
you cant do it without the session file and individual wavs.
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damn. i was hoping to remix techno beats with some metal parts in them. guess not

You could just record the parts yourself... Or have a friend do it, or take those previews of effects pedal on musician's friend and incorperate those.
no i thought of a way, but it is very time consuming.

the game rock band.
think about it, when your playing a song and you mess up the sound goes out, but it leaves the other instruments, so just find some way to get it, or record unitil you fail, then play up to the part where you failed, then stop again, and paste all of the parts together, if that makes any sense, and because they have all of the instruments, you can get them all separte. but i bet someone has made a hack for it or something, so you could get the tracks by themselves.

the only problem i can think of is that it probibly doenst have the songs you want.

sorry if thats alittle hard to follow
record the parts yourself.
you sound like you have songs in mind. just learn the part and record it

or you can not waste your time with techno music
There are programs that say they can do this, but the way they do it involves scanning for a certain frequency, and it is far from perfect.
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You can use a program like 'Adobe Audition' and use the 'Vocal Cut' tool. The only problem is, the vocals are still there, but they're faint and are drowned out by the guitar. The drums also take a hit, though usually the guitar parts come out fraily clear. I used to use it to learn songs, but now my ear is sharp enough to pick out riffs with all of the instruments and vocals still in the mix.

That's exactly what I've been trying to say.

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or you can not waste your time with techno music

thats quite the ignorant statement. i dont criticize your music, so **** off
if u have an instrumental u could get an acapella ................... but u can do what u want on ADOBE AUDITION 3