Ok, I have a problem. Just recently I've had my guitar 'fixed', and when I got it back I had to fix a few things myself. Anyway, I've been playing my guitar, and I'm noticing that I appear to have less distortion than I did before. I'll list the things that have changed on my guitar and hopefully you guys can tell me why this might be so.

Strings have been changed, pickup has been messed with a bit, and I think that's about it.

Any ideas?
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Did you mess with it a bit? Or was it professionally messed with? Maybe it's sounding better, and you just aren't used to it yet? :P
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the wiring could have been shifted around or cleaned up changing the connection so it would sound "better" in a since
They might of tweaked the wiring on your guitar, or maybe you screwed it up becuase you did say that you fixed a few things yourself?

But in my opinion, I don't think that it is a major thing don't you think?
id raise the pickups first..

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Yeah, it was professionally messed with and came back in worse shape than when it went in. Basically, the action was so low that the strings were buzzing on the frets up in the higher regions, so I raised the action. As for the pickups, I don't think anything has been done to the wiring. However I'll have a look at raising the pickups.

Oh, I don't use a pedal by the way, just my amp, and I've got the gain on full.

No, it's not that much of a problem I suppose, it's just my sound doesn't sound as full anymore, not as ballsy, and I like a big thick ballsy sound.
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ehm the probably changed your strings

and theyver probably fixed your pickups,

and maybe raise your gain on your actual guitar
They did change my strings, as I stated in my first post. Which is pretty silly cause I'd just changed the strings like two days before it went in. But anyway.

Gain on my guitar, if you're talking about the volume controls, are cranked. I generally turn everything up to 10 except for the volume and the mids. Although, that's pretty generic, and I could give you a breakdown of my settings, but I doubt you care.

Fixing the pickups to give less distortion? Not my idea of fixing.
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Quote by JeffWiredBeck24
Did they lower the pickups? It could just be an output issue.

Yeah, the title screamed "pickup height" at me
You raised the action, so now the strings are further from the pickups.

The solution is, raise the pickups.

Also, less overdrive (amp gain is NOT 'distortion'. They are two separate things, people!) is considered a good thing by everyone. If you need more overdrive, you make use of hotter pickups (if you constantly make use of overdrive), or you get a pedal to boost your input signal (essentially the same as having hotter pickups, but with the option to turn it off/on at will). Relying on just your amp's gain control is a bit stupid. It's impractical for live playing and your run the risk of causing excess damage to your amp if you crank it too much.
But I didn't raise the action to any higher than it was before. I think they have lowered the pickups slightly though, and one of these days I'll get around to raising them. One day.

Ah, in this case I think it's distortion my friend. This is a solid-state amp, not a valve amp. I'm too poor to have a valve amp. This is a 15-watt Laney practice amp. Nothing big or fancy. And from my understanding of it, this IS distortion, not overdrive.
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It has to be that they lowered your pickups. And why are you gonna "one day get around to raising them" it takes like 30 seconds to raise your pickups.
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your pickups are probley farther away from the strings, ive noticed alot of places when the set up guitars they move the pickups away from the strings. just screw em back up to where you like