Hey guys,

I just finished recording and mixing the first song I have ever written. I play all the instruments except drums (which are computer generated). Although I did write all the drums parts myself .
The whole song so far is just an instrumental, so no lyrics or melody as of yet, but that's why I am posting it up. If I get some good feedback, I'll get to work on the lyrics and melody.

So yeah, be as harsh as you want. I want this song to be as good as it can possibly be, so please respond constructively. Don't completely bash it though, I won't be able to take it

My influences include Blink 182, All American Rejects, Paramore, Green Day etc. All those types of bands are simular to this type of music.

So yeah, check out the song on my profile, it's the only one of there

PS: I'm 15 years old, and only started writing songs about 2 months ago, so I haven't had that much experiance.
well kid this is coming from an 18 year old thats been playing for maybe almost 2 years... i cant afford **** so.. lol.. yeah.. ive never tried recording.. but yeah.. its sounds really good to me.. especially for a first effort
Haha, thanks

Somebody asked on my profile what equipment I use, well I use an:

Epiphone Les Paul Custom
Boss GT-8 (For effects and distortion)
Toneport UX2 (for recording)
I can defiantly hear where your influences are coming in, very pop punk. Nice recording, for your first song its very good, the problem is originality. Unfortunately it just sounds very much like all the pop rock thats out there, i listen and if i didn't know you wrote it id assume it was by the lost prophets or some other band, theres no definative edge, the chords, the lead, everything sounds like its taken from several other songs and melded into one undistinctive piece. You need to find your style and im sure it'll come soon. Overall its a great track, i cant give any advice on your tone, the only comment i can make is on its overall sound, add some vocals and see were it goes.

if you have time please crit
Quote by UMadeMeRealise
Good job programming the drums. They almost sound real.
Oh yeah, I almost forgot.

If anybody is wondering what drum program I used, it's called Rhythm Rascal:


It's really easy to use and actually sounds pretty good.
This song, I think, SCREAMS for a bass line. Something along the lines of Greenday's dookie album, tonewise.

As for playing,
a couple walk ups and bass fills would be nice....

Of course,
write up some vocals,
and create a ridiculously catchy melody line (which may be hard to do without being cliche these days concerning pop rock.)

a nice mix overall,
and drums don't sound half bad for being computer generated.

nice job for a first attempt.

crit mine??