If you already know about it...then dont say anything.

I'm only posting this because I wished that someone had told me about it, when one day I hit F9 by accident, and was like wtf...why had I never seen this. I mentioned it in another thread, and 2-3 people said they had never heard of it, so i figured id let you ALL know

I find it super useful...and I hope you do too.

Press F9 when youre in guitar pro.

its a speed trainer that allows you to loop sections of a song (when highlighted) or the whole thing at a certain tempo, and increase the tempo each time the section or song loops. Can also do a simple repeat loop on the same tempo.

good luck
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Knew this but just in hope that I mightn't have to make a thread, do you know how to do crescendos on guitar pro? I can't find anything.
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Knew this but just in hope that I mightn't have to make a thread, do you know how to do crescendos on guitar pro? I can't find anything.

volume swell?
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I don't mean to generalise but I don't believe the average Coldplay fan is a massive musical theory nut.

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i always knew about this. theres also an icon you can click

And this is why he mentioned it's only interesting if you didn't know about this.

It's a brilliant feature, but I find that GP sometimes lags a bit, especially when it repeats a highlighted section. Is this me, or do other people feel the same way?

Anyway, I like to use the Amazing Metronome from AMW for my speed-needs.

Edit for the bad link. And I can't find the right one, either. Search amazing metronome on Google, you should be able to find it.
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yah it sometimes does lag, but not consistently enough to really frustrate me hehe, and I get frustrated easily when things dont work

Again...posted it to help anyone that didnt know about it, I know it isnt a big secret ahha, but I happend to not know about it for a while when I started guitar, and I wish I had.
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On a side note, I think I should point out...

The 'speed trainer' is awesome if you're warming up to a speed that you're normally comfortably playing. However, if you use it to, indeed, train your speed on itself (read: keeping to push the envelope by going up 5 bpm at a time), then it's probably one of the worst things you can do to your technique.

Getting faster is a by-product of training accuracy (practicing slowly and perfectly), whereas accuracy is a waste product when you're just trying to play as fast as you can.

i beg to differ...tbh i see a lot of relations between weight lifting and speed on guitar.

you need to push the envelope a little bit at a time as you feel comfortable doing so. you arent going to make as much progress (i didnt say you wouldnt make any) if you dont increase you speed a little bit at a time.

the speed trainer lets you increase the tempo by very small percentages, letting you go up in speed while still keeping time and accuracy.

I am by no means suggesting you put a warp speed song on 75% and try to just muscle through it...but you can put that song on 30% and slowly but surely work your way up to tempo.

half the battle is muscle memory and pattern memorization for god sake...it isnt tough to pla y something fast once your fingers have memorized what they need to do.
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