Yep, It's Not finished yet.
So far I have the Intro, Verse and Chorus done.
And no, it's not "METALCORE", "HARDCORE" or
"EPIC METAL" although, It does have a few breakdowns.

For some reason it reminds me of "blessthefall"
and "I Am Ghost". Meh.

Well, Rate and Enjoy.

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i didnt like the mainriff.. it's too happy
the intro is not powerful enough. if i listen to songs i dont know, i just listen to the intro.
the bass doesnt seem to fit to the guitars in the verse.
but the drums.. well done... in verse & chorus.
i didnt like the verse, but the chorus.
i think you have a good melody in mind, but you hate guitar pro.
It looks like most of it is in C Maj, if you changed some of your thirds it would sound heavier, unless you are looking for something upbeat. I'd suggest a D#5 powerchord in the rhythms also. 5/10 There isn't a whole lot of song there. It has potential. Crit mine please, it's titled ambient and on the first page of tabs and chords. Thanks.
this is not uknown!

haha now that thats out of my system

as it is im liking it, c maj with drop c guitars works great to my ears
it looks, like, you could use a new riff or lead to start out whats going next and then keep that as a theme or refrain line or something

or if you wanted, do the extreme and go solo 1 of as the next part haha

the writing as it is, is well, awesome
no clashing, no bad notes, no ear punishing chords
so id say at the moment it looks to be the start of a 10/10 song
so your partial crit score is 2/2
good so far, but look at some music completely opposite your current influences ad use that to write your next part

and c4c, click the link in my sig, i suggest doing c4c now, because the song is similar, in many way, and may give you some ideas

and ill give a nother crit when you finished this
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Beginning is alright, The bass is a bit catchy but the guitar should have a better riff. Rhythm is good. Break downs are awesome, Chorus Was good and corrisponded to the intro riff. Later your building up witch is nice, hope you finish it lol. Don't be like me (Me as in i usually start something and then finish it weeks later) Some of it is catchy like the chorus. Anyways this is a bit too slow for me lol, Nice try though. Post more and ill critique it in a bit. {btw thnx for your crit }
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Breakdowns are cool..But I don't really like the main riff..It's something that is dragging the song down (it's just in my opinion, i don't know what other people think) ..of course, although drums are cool, they don't fit the guitar riffs...Anyway keep up your good work!