Yeah so I basically just bought a Dean Dime-o-flame and as you probably know it has a liscenced Floyd on it. I have recently learnt 'My Apocalypse' by Arch Enemy and in the intro/chorus part is has


The first note on the 7th is a bend up and back and because of this the open C string is going flat.

Just wanting to know if there is anyway to combat this because although it doesn't sound that bad and I could just play the 7th fret, I would like to know if there is another way of doing it.

Hope it all made sense.

just a normal bend would solve that, i think. (bend the string using finger, rather than the whammy)
I dont use the whammy o.o I do a normal bend up and back and because of the tremelo the other string goes flat.
No, you can't stop that happening.
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That's one of the hassles with floating trems.
If you change the tension on one string, the rest go out of whack.
It's frustrating, but not really solvable unless you block your trem off.

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