Another unique preview of my work. I plan on finishing this one soon. I'm in love with this small piece. Hope fully it'll last till i finish it. I think it has a cool name lol. pitch evil jet black of the saint i wonder what the hell that means lol. No worries now, C4C is on.

So please leave your song link lol. And thnx for criting

Pitched Evil {Jet Black of the Saint}.zip
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that progression at the start is cool, some parts my need adjusting but the main theme of the song so far is great nice work again mate
the intro is awesome.. I was amazed by what you did on bar 9 and 10..nice creation..and I like the way those pinch harmonics on bar 15 - 18 sound. It's really cool...I like the way you use 3 guitars at the same time.. but I don't like the ending...ok..I'll give 8/10 ...keep up your good works..
The intro feels like Linkin parck, but I mus say I like it. But like evryone pointed out, it gets confusing at some point because there is just to much going on at once :P
My first thought was that its a bit busy and theres a lot going on at once as said before. It's very catchy, but sometimes it seems kind of forced. There's not much feeling put into the rhythmic aspect and sometimes the rhythms just feel too cookie cutter. Overall, I liked it a lot and bars 9-10 were very cool though. I'd give it a 6.5/10.
I agree with 6661, some parts did seem a bit a forced, however, i still loved it.
I thought this was certainly interesting, the acoustic parts were awesome they drew me in right away.
i loved the little guitar haromic riff hahaha, too sick.
However it isn't that long, it would be really cool as like an interlude track on an intro track on an album.
Overall i really enjoyed this.
It was pretty good, different from what i'm used to but change isn't always bad, i don't really know what to say since it's not my tyoe of music but it's over if i had to put it on 10 about

All your tabs i've looked at so far look so hard to play.

It reminded me of Linkin Park a bit, but more progressive and random. You got some good ideas flowing, but I think i'd play down on the sound effects, they seem to be drowning out the melody.
Listening to the first few bars I thought I was gonig to be put off, but boy was I wrong. Very nice riffs all round and I thought the 3rd guitar was worked into the song quite well, I wish I could have 3 completely different guitar riffs play over each other and come together that well. Cant wait to see how it finishes

C4C ?
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