my friend wants to sell me a squier bass for 40 quid and i really want a fretless bass

so, would it work if i took out all the frets with a knife?
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Must if they break for me, better sounds come from the way you play more-so than the strings.

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>hen I said 'must', i meant just.

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I think we've realised I can't type by now...
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what the hell is a quid???

sorry im american

a quid is £1 sterling

40 quid = £40 = $80 ish

i got nothing more of use to add to this thread as everything of importance has already been said
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Quid has various meanings:

* A pound sterling (£, in British slang, possibly derived from the Royal mint at Quidhampton, Wiltshire, England, but more likely from the Latin phrase 'Quid pro quo' (This for that) meaning an exchange of goods.

There's a place called Quidhampton? Damn... Beats the crap out of Northampton.

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