A couple weeks ago my sister told me she wanted me to watch this guy on American Idol cause she thought i'd like him. I was like, sure whatever, didn't really think i'd think much of anyone on American Idol. That was the week he did his version of that Lionel Richie song. It rocked hard.

So now I TiVo American Idol every week, watching only what Simon says after every performance (I don't even watch the performance cause everyone else on the show sucks) and David Cook. He is an EXTREMELY talented vocalist. And he can play the guitar, though I don't know how well he can actually play it he does play it.

Anyway so far from what i've seen Eleanor Rigby is my favorite of what he's done, but everything else is still good too. I hope he doesn't win American Idol so he doesn't get stuck with their ****ty record deal, I hope he gets knocked out second or third finds himself a band gets with a decent record company and starts making music, I know i'm already planning on buying whatever he puts out first.
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meh, I've listened to every radiohead album and honestly don't get what everyone loves about them.....

cause you're ****ing stupid

i do like david cook he's pretty good, but you guys are forgetting Jason Castro!!!

his performance this week did suck imo, but some of his other stuff has been pretty awesome.

josiah leming was eh but he's apparently signed a deal with warner
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Leming sucks...he can't sing and is only getting attention because he's "the guy who lives in his car and cries all the time".

David Cook is one of the best on the show, but he tried a guitar solo typed thing on one of his songs and it was weak.
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yeah he did a talk box solo hahaha but he's pretty good, unfortunately the kid who looks like he is 12 is probably going to win... actually that's probably for the best in terms of contracts etc.

Yeah, that dude is probably more fit for the mainstream pop anyways.

But I love Brooke White.
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