Planning on bying a new distortion and turned (of course) to the UG forum.
Currently own a V-Amp2 and a 20-watt Vox amp while playing on my Strat.
Realized that the Vamp sounds a bit too digital sometimes,so I need a regular stompbox. Right now considering on two different BOSS pedals, the DS-1 and DS-2 but cant trust my own judgement knowing that Im unexperienced. Might be good to know that I play lead.
The price has to be around 100 US$.
Please post suggestions on nice pedals.
Hi... Wrong forum I think (pretty sure even) but in my opinion the DS-1 is a great deal because it's only $39. If you want some heavier distortion though, save up for the Boss MT-2. Not sure about DS-2 or any overdrives because I only own a small 15W solid-state practice amp.
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I will sell you my ds-1 for 30$
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not so much distortion, but a much smoother overdrive, can still get cranked for lead. i have an ibanez ts9DX with robert keeley's plus mod. great sounding pedal. look at his site to see what he does to it. robertkeeley.com.....id want about $130, i know its a little more than what you quoted, but well worth it. email me bzienowi@georgiasouthern.edu