ive always played guitar with my fingers (apart frm usin a pick on strumming and easy pickin things) and it worries me that most ppl i no use a pick and advise me to use one. Is this a problem or am i unique? lol @ unique i'll probably get flamed for this but its a step im willing to take.

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Lulz at AIDs, Robbie Kreiger never used a pick. If it's comfortable for you, go for it.

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Nahh. I spent the first few years of playing without ever using a pick.

It means I'm weaker with a pick than fingerpicking, but its not too bad.

That said, spend a bit of your practice time using a pick. It'll be worth it in a while....
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thats fine.... Mark knopfler? Lindsay Buckingham?

If you're playing metal without a pikc, you're awesome !

But it all depends on style, you wouldnt be able to play classical gas with a pick (technically yeah u can but why bother)
There is no wrong way, there are plenty of guitarists that finger pick (or do you mean you strum with your fingers?) either way I say its best to cover both grounds because they both have different sounds (pick being harder fingers being softer etc)
I didn't used to play with a pick when I started, then I got an electric and had to learn to use one, It doesnt take very long to adjust really. Always an advantage to be able to play with both though
im the same!! but yea just incase ur wonderin when i strum i just use my nail on any of my 4 fingers for downstroke n thumb for upstroke, its very loose n looks unprofessional