so i'm looking at a new peavey amp, but the reviews say it gets a lot of feedback at high volumes. i also want to get a pod x3 live floor effects pedal.

so would this work:

amp - noise gate - effects pedal - guitar

so the amp gets connected to the noise gate which gets connected to the pedal and so on

would this reduce the noise while also giving me the pedal's effects?
Well usually when people describe their setup, its the reverse of what you put.

Its really: Guitar - effects pedal - noise gate - amp

So you'd really only be preventing noise from the guitar and pedal, not the amp. There will be somewhat of a tone reduction as well if you choose to do this.

Hope this Helps!

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I think that it would be better guitar -> noise gate -> effects. I had my pedals connected like you said and when i changed to guit->ng->fx configuration it works much better!
people usually put there efects into a effect loop on the amp, either way depending on which pedals you have, you dont want the Noise gate at the end. Just say that you have a Flanger Distortion and a noise gate.

youd want the noise gate, to be directly after the distortion, to cancel out only the niose from the distortion. Guitar>distortion>niose gate> flanger.

if you had the niose gate at the end, (Guitar>distortion>flanger>niose gate) youd be cutting out signals fromt he flanger. MAking it sound crappy.