I've posted many forums asking what kind of amps to grab and you know, I thought I finally had something when I heard the Splawn QR. I'm extremely interesed in it (which is why i'm tryin to snag it!) BUT are there better amps for what I'm doing?

Some Modern Metal, Early 80s NWOBHM, Classic 70s rock, 60s Rock and Psychadelia, some blues

Top Budget 2k (for head or whole amp)

Amps I'm considering
Splawn Quickrod
Mesa Roadster
Mesa Mark IV
Orange Rocker 30
Marshall JCM800

i've heard good things about all of those amps. especially the mesa's, sadly i have no experience with the splawn. if i was to make a recommendations i would have to say go with the roadster or the mark IV.
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Mark IV hands down.

Kramer Focus 3000
Ibanez ATK300
Rocktron Chameleon
Digitech IPS33B
Ibanez WH10
Korg Pitchblack
Line6 UX2
Mesa Mark IV

But just to be pedantic, only the Splawn is actually boutique.
Just by looking at specs and reviews, wouldn't something like a Thunderverb/Rockerverb not be better suited for you than the Rocker, Orange wise? I haven't played any of the amps so I can't help there.
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Quote by colin617
Mesa Mark IV

But just to be pedantic, only the Splawn is actually boutique.

I know .......... Anybody know anything about Laguna or Dr.Z? I've heard great things about Bogner and Soldano, but they are just too expensive. Anything that can get me marshally but ultimatelly overdriven tone is what i'm looking for...